Hi! I'm Caleb ...

... and I was a TV news reporter.

At the height of my career, after a decade working as a professional journalist, I decided I desperately needed a break from chasing bad people.

I sure tried. I chased 'em all. From accused killers to corrupt politicians -- even in handcuffs, they always just kept walking.

"What were you thinking?" 

"Why did you do it?" 

Try as I might, I never really got answers from any of them. 


After trying to figure out all those bad people, I started to have serious questions about whether I knew what it took to be a good person. It hit me... maybe I could be asking those questions. Maybe -- I thought -- I could be chasing down the good ones, and asking them for answers. "Why'd you do it? What were you thinking?"  

So at 30 years old, I (very politely) quit my dream job to hit the road and make a guide about living a good life, with advice from strangers. I was nervous and prepared for the worst. But luckily, everyone was super stoked about the idea too! I'm not ending my journalism career -- it's not the time to be doing that. I'm determined to tell a different story... the one about how we're all neighbors.

In a few very short months, I sold all my things and bought an Airstream Flying Cloud travel trailer. Then I rustled up a bunch of camera gear, and loaded up my two dogs, Wilma and Buddy. We're taking the biggest risk of our lives (not so much the dogs though, lol) to introduce America to itself. 

Now, our address is whatever road we find. Our home is on wheels. We live in the United States of America, and we're looking for help and advice from our neighbors -- the very coolest people in the world -- The Greatest of US. 


Yes, we're on the road alone. Yes, I'm producing the show by myself. Yes, I straight up quit my job. Yikes, it just hit me. :) If you'd like to know more, visit the FAQ page above.